Foldable wheelbarrow

Our FREND addresses customer needs

Things which require a lot of energy to do have got the biggest room for improvement. Everyone who ever tried to fit a wheelbarrow into his own garden shed can tell, this is often really hard work. For this reason, wheelbarrows often end up leaning against the garden shed. Let’s fix this, I thought.

In late 2017 I scribbled around and was sure this can be done better. Alternative products available on Amazon and co. where a real compromise, but not a good one.

The conditions have changed and wheelbarrows have not. Cities grow, garden sizes shrink, and gardening is becoming increasingly popular also in urban areas. Any random wheelbarrow is too big and bulky and does not fit into these gardens. Customers look for an alternative. FREND is this alternative and supports gardeners and others who enjoy their free time in the green.

1 year later we were happy to present our FREND, ie a space saving wheelbarrow. FREND itself weighs around 12kg and can carry up to 70kg in weight and 90 litres in volume.

FREND saves 90% of space compared to any usual wheelbarrow when folded. Pre-ordering will start May 2019 for delivery July/August 2019. Stay informed and help us grow the project by signing up for the newsletter on and follow us on facebook.

If you are interested to partner with us, we are always happy to talk.