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Some years ago during a relaxed drink at a bar I talked to my boss. He was then country manager for Germany and Austria at the global consulting firm I was working at. We were sitting in Frankfurt, in a bar at the Fressgass, talking about rather private stuff. This had some tradition already as we are both from Austria and he has been my boss at the previous company already before. I talked about my interest in books, and that I would have stayed in university if there were a useful thing for me to do. And that my true heroes at that time were some late mathematicians and astronomists, who so amazingly stepped out of the usual point of view of their time and by pure thinking, found ways to measure the earth and profoundly changed our understanding of our universe. He is a very successful man and has always been very direct in his thinking and his way of communicating, up to a level of causing true and long lasting pain during in his team.

When he heard me talking about those man, where none of them was known for being a bold leader or a rich selfmade man, he looked at me and said „you speak more like a scholar, than a manager“.

„True,“ I thought, „but I would like to live in both world“, which I have always done.

Starting in school and later in university I found it most interesting and beneficial to work with people on certain topics. Although I hugely enjoy sitting and reading on my own in a library, on a beach or in a café, working with others on discovering a certain matter has always been a very positiv experience. Applying stuff rather than just repeating it has proofed to be a far better and also long lasting way of learning something.

Over the last couple of years, since I left the global consulting world behind me, it is for this reason that I teamed up with people to develop new ways and ideas, applied methods and tools, and develop an understanding for the bigger picture and the underlying patterns.

This has caused me to write some stuff down. Not because it is perfect or the only truth, but because it is my experience. I would be happy if some people read my stuff and come back with their thoughts to me. Here you will find links and articles to thoughts I have written down.

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